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The networks are deploying a series of related projects, which you can access by using the links below. These projects include customizable Field Guides, a predictive Biogeographic Atlas, or the Microbial Antarctic Resources System (mARS). You can find out more about what's in the pipeline here.

All these projects are in open access.

Antarctic Field Guides

The Antarctic Field Guides is a collaborative tool offering free access to information that can help you identify Antarctic organisms. It allows users to build and share a tailor-made, customized guide, to be taken in the field or simply browsed. The AFGs are open and free for all to enjoy.





Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean

The Biogeographic Atlas will establish a new synthesis of the biogeography of the Southern Ocean to provide a benchmark of biogeographic knowledge, and to help define the present biogeochemical and biogeographic provinces and to predict future changes under various climate change scenarios.





Microbial Antarctic Resources System

mARS is envisioned as an information system dedicated to facilitate the discovery, access and analysis of molecular microbial diversity (meta)data generated by Antarctic researchers. mARS will allow the discovery and integration of these microbial resources using the infrastructure.